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RGB Controller

Create your own ambience according to your moods and preferences with mightyHOME RGB Controller. Dynamically change RGB light colours as you move your fingers through the colour palette and become a realistic DJ by dancing colours with music. Customize your schedules and moods in your routine to zing up your space and your life!

Product Code: RGBCN.50-A, RGBCF.50-A

Introduction Video

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Technical Specifications

Communication Protocol Wireless 802.11 b/g/n protocol
Operating Frequency 2.4 GHz
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ +125℃
Operating Power +20 dBm
Communication Processor Frequency 50 MHz


Retrofit The module fits between the power supply (SMPS) and the RGB strips
Quick Response Individual processors for communication and control, thus no downside of delay in operations
Dynamic feedback Smooth & Quick response gives the functionality of dynamic variations to every colour combinations you slide through in the colour palette.
Variety of Ambience Get spoilt for choice! Choose from 16 million colour combinations and brightness levels to create a different ambience every time you slide through the colour palette.
Manual Operation Control your RGB strip lights with physical switches. Get your favorite colors preset with a simple flick of the switch!

Installation facts

Concealable structure Minimal structure of the module and boosters make them hide in ceilings along with RGB for diffused RGB lighting effects.
Buffer Installation The RGB module fits between existing rope/strip lights and the (SMPS) power supply.
Remote configuration Upon quick and easy module installation, your module & App is ready-to-use as configuration is already completed by our technicians over cloud prior to installation.

RGB Boosters: In order to achieve current gain over long span of RGB strip/rope lights control, we have in - house customized boosters perfect for those situations.

*We also customize needs for controllers & booster for long span RGB control. We have already customized controllers for 100 and 200 metres long RGB strips in our projects portfolio.