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We are a lifestyle company, inspired by ideas that promise more comfort, convenience, fun and peace of mind for our customers. We are consistently driven to find ways to live smarter. Our products & solutions are designed to upgrade your lifestyle as they are made exclusively for you and your space. We make your life quicker, easier, smarter and better with mightyHOME which we feel is the correct definition of Smart Home Technology.

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World's First brand with 27+ innovative Features

Notification Area Access

Forget unlocking of your Phone. Directly operate appliances from Notification widgets.

Smart Scheduler

Schedule your appliaces according to your lisfestyle. Set it & Forget it!

Mood Button

Control your favourite appliances by creating your own button. Switch ON multiple appliances on a single (Mood) Button!

Voice Control

Compatible with Smart Virtual Voice Assistants - Amazon Echo (Alexa, Turn on Lights!)

Unlimited Users

Any number of users can use mightyHOME, no App subscription charges, no App licensing fees. It's free & always will be!

Zone wise App Control

For easy access, your mightyHOME App is made as per your home plan. Customized as per your requirements!

Fully Customized App

Names, Icons, Colours, Tiles everything as per your liking! Make your own App!


Extra wiring not required - futuristic & expandable solution.

Full Feedback System

Get actual response of appliance status when switched ON / OFF

Revolutionary Fan Regulator

User can control fan regulation from App & physical regulator with full feedback from both sides! Humming - free Fan Dimming Guaranteed!

Independent Module

Every Module works independently & directly talks with App via router, no dependency on central controller!

Cloud Configuration

mightyHOME Cloud stores your App settings.Cloud only required when downloading App settings for first time,only!No coding required,No dependency of technician!

Quickest Response

Quickest App-to-Appliance feedback time within microseconds.

Easiest User Interface

Hassle-free User Interface App, It does not require special skill/training to understand App. Using mightyHOME App is a child's play!

Independent from Server/Cloud

mightyHOME works directly Devices to App, there is no system downtime!

24x7 Customer Support

Contact support available in App, just Click, Call & Get Help!

Passive System

mightyHOME Products do not fit actively with Home wiring, thus, there will never be an emergency situation. Your existing system will run in any case!

Universal Compatibility

We have all IR commands for TV, AC, Set-Top Box, Home Theatre, DVD Consoles, etc. Any IR Device control possible!

In-built Power Stabilizer & Protection

Works in any power fluctuations conditions

Internet not Compulsory

System works well without internet, locally.

Optimized Data Consumption

Byte-sized data commands of mightyHOME ensures that negligible internet data is used.

No Background Process

App only runs its processes when it is opened. Zero Memory, Zero Process & Zero battery consumption in background!

User Access Restrictions/Permissions

Admin user can customize permissions of rooms, appliances, external connection & local connection access for other users easily from App.

App Configurations

Customizable App Interfaces like Television Channels, Moods, Schedules can be setup by user itself quite easily without the help of a technician.

Easy Installation

Fits in 25 minutes. Plug & Play!

Fits in Existing Traditional Switches

Special Switches are not required. System remains unchanged!

Compatible with IFTTT

Developer Feature! Do more with your mightyHOME! No Boundaries!

Best Features. Best User Experience. Best Home Automation.

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    Internet of things or IoT, not only allows you to access your devices with buttons/touch but you are empowered by voice and gesture recognizing technology as featured here with mightyHOME IoT.
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    mightyHOME has a bouquet of products that are aimed at upgrading your lifestyle. It features quickness, simplicity and ease of use. The technology adjusts to you and becomes your best friend.
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    This era is the dawn of Smart Homes, it is estimated that 40 billion appliances and home devices will be connected to internet making it for the biggest revolution after personal computing.

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