A: mightyHOME is as simple as A, B, C… mightyHOME products communicate via Wireless 802.11 b/g/n and Radio frequency protocols and are retrofit modules that snugly fit behind your appliances/switchboards without altering the functionality of the physical switches/appliances – they upgrade your lifestyle by giving you access to all the appliances from your Smart devices.
A: No, mightyHOME is retrofit for all spaces, even if you are living in a rented house – You are good for a mightyHOME.
A: Our USP is that it gives you the quickest response to your appliances without any lags or delays. Another unique feature is that you can access the Appliances directly from notifications’ panel of your smart devices, thus eliminating any delays to unlock your devices and opening the App.
A: With mightyHOME, the feel and functionality of switches/remotes/regulators is left unchanged and moreover mightyHOME Care App gives you two way feedback when you operate from normal switches/remotes/regulators.
A: Once you, the mighty customer show us a green flag for installation, our execution team winds up the process in a day.
A: mightyHOME Care App is designed for Android /iOS devices and for Windows PCs
A: Android 4.4 and above for Android devices (Smart Phones/Phablets/Tablets) and iOS 7 and above for iOS devices (Smartphones/Tablets)
A: By eliminating the presence of a central controller we have been able to achieve unbelievably quick app – to – appliance response times and dynamic feedback speeds.
A: Yes, mightyHOME module behind your switchboards work even when your physical switches get damaged. You can still access your appliances with your smart phones.
A: Yes, you can turn any space without an active internet connection a mightyHOME as mightyHOME establishes a local wireless connection with a Wi-Fi router.
A: The switchboard control module comes with an embedded regulator module which connects with your fan and hence can be accessed by mightyHOME Care App to regulate your fan with ease.
A: All mightyHOME installations/products carry a year full of free service and repair/replacement warranty along with maintenance support. For full warranty terms & conditions, please contact our sales executive.
A: The customers automatically sign up for a referral programme and receive amazing offers as and when they refer their friends/family/acquaintances.
A: mightyHOME wants to spread its wings all over the country and world for that matter, so we accept any/all enthusiasts who would like to forge a venture with us.
A: mightyHOME Care App has simple load settings to make your personalized App for your space. Choose from hundreds of icons to suit your choices.
A: You can set any name in the mightyHOME Care App by going to Load settings in the particular room page to suit your choices.
A: mightyHOME Care App is made after a lot of thought to make it quick, simple and easy. In the App you can disable all the rooms you do not wish to see and you can set your room in the notifications panel to access without opening the App. Also, the App has the option to show your room when starting the App which allows for more convenient, dedicated and quicker access to your room page.
A: Yes, mightyHOME takes care of all your moods, preferences and schedules. Just open your App and turn on the preferred loads at particular setting, then select Set Mood in the App and name it for your quick reference. Voila! Now, your preferred settings are just a touch away to turn on “Smartness”.
A: No need to worry if you have lost your App or even if you buy a new Smart device(s), you may just download it from the App store/Google Play and login with your credentials. All your App settings will be preserved on our mightyCLOUD.