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mightyHOME Care App

Your personal superpower to connect, control and communicate with your smart home - mightyHOME. It is precisely designed to minimize battery consumption and give you quickest access from the notifications panel, two - way feedback response makes sure you are able to monitor every activity done with physical switches, remotes or regulators - home or away from home!. Simplest UI, Dedicated and custom Application available for Android/iOS devices makes each moment of your life easy, smart and smooth minus all the worries!


mightyHOME App is designed for Android and iOS users for mobile and tablet devices which seamlessly works for all solutions of mightyHOME, convenient for any space as well as we have a smart App for Windows PC users* which is perfect for buildings, commercials and offices.

*The Windows PC App is coming soon in the nearest future.

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Wireless Connectivity

Accesses Local Area Connection - WiFi while accessing locally and Mobile Data connection or WiFi internet for remote access connection.

Easy Access

Notification area access ensures no delays with operation and access to mightyHOME.

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Optimized consumption

Byte sized data communication enables very low data usage. Such an optimized consumption makes sure you get quickest access to your mightyHOME.

Saves Phone Battery

Smart App development makes sure that when App is not running live, it does not waste any background data & process thus eliminating any battery usage while minimized.

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Cloud configuration

Import your settings anytime with 2 factor login from the cloud. This makes sure your mightyHOME is never lost in cases of data formatting, uninstall of App, change in device(s) or accidental data resets.

Independent of Server

After downloading App settings from Cloud, mightyHOME is not dependent on Cloud. Cloud/Server is only present for downloading settings, the first time you start using mightyHOME! Thus, there is no system downtime.

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Schedule your life

Power scheduler helps you schedule for the whole week in advance to make everyday eventful. Just imagine waking up to melodious music or automatically vary the brightness levels of your dimmable LEDs at bedtime or schedule a romantic ambience on saturday night to enjoy with your close one! With mightyHOME Smart App, life has endless possibilities.

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Seamless access

mightyHOME App is so designed that your Smart Home Automation works even in cases when your device is not with you or cannot be used during low battery levels, the feedback and operation is live in all the devices that the App is installed - so you can always be sure to use your husband’s, mommy’s or colleague’s device to access your mightyHOME.

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Customized Access permissions

“Too many cooks, spoil the soup” - mightyHOME has taken care of too many Apps running on multiple devices scenario - you can restrict your personal space for yourself so that you are never disturbed by accidental or mischievous App access of your room, office or restaurant space.

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