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Dimmer Module

Enjoy the luxury of light dimming with simplicity of mightyHOME. The revolutionary Dimmer module comes in 230 Volt dimmable (DM230 - A). The module fits with LED light source and upgrades their function. Along with variation of light brightness levels, dimmer modules also ensure that you conserve energy. It promises easy mood settings to light your bedroom or hallway with soft lighting ambience.

Product Code: DM230 - A

Introduction Video

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Technical Specifications

Wattage of load per switch 2000 W (For 230 Volt dimmables)
Communication Protocol Wireless 802.11 b/g/n protocol
Operating Frequency 2.4 GHz
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ +125℃
Operating Power +20 dBm
Control Processor Frequency 16 MHz
Communication Processor Frequency 50 MHz


Retrofit Fits in existing electrical plan
Quick Response Individual processors for communication and control, thus no downside of delay in operations
Dynamic feedback Smooth & Quick response of switches for ON/OFF operation as well as dynamic variations in real - time operation when varying brightness of light source.
Reliable Eco - process and quality grade reliability factors ensure increased life span of appliances

Installation facts

Flexibility of Product Available for 1 Channel, 2 Channel, 3 Channel & 4 Channel Dimmer Module. Customized Dimmer module for higher channels available for Theatres, Clubs, Villas & Building Automation.
Buffer Installation The module fits between switches and loads.
Remote configuration Upon quick and easy module installation, your module & App is ready-to-use as configuration is already completed by our technicians over cloud prior to installation.