What is Smart Home Automation?
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Smart Home Automation solutions (such as offered by mightyHOME) give you more power of your homes in your hands.

Traditionally, when people make their homes they buy all kinds of luxurious stuff and nowadays more "luxurious technology". The purchase of these things just adds to the infamous glory of electricity bills. Home Automation counter - curses traditionalism of a house electricity monitoring, it gives you access to all the calculations made by your electricity provider to know and minimise the extra pennies shed in electricity bills.

The term "Home automation" is used for standalone programmable devices, like Heating, Ventilating and Air conditioning systems (simply put HVAC systems) but Home Automation literally intends to control everything in your home from the modest of switches, Fans, curtains to Air conditioners and Televisions...

Home Automation work with sensors connected via WiFi, Bluetooth or ZigBee, etc. OR other communication protocols to a network, to give access in your hands via a remote - Well! That was ages ago, but nowadays most of the Smart Home Solutions give you access right in your smart phone (the one thing which we are hooked to, every time!) or over the web

So we are down to a few things that you can use to define Smart Home Automation:

1. Gives control of all your appliances via a Smart Phone/Web

2. Provides you with regular energy updates.

3. Secures your home with Smart Security solutions such as CCTV camera,electronic locks, etc.

4. Makes your life comfortable.