The future of Smartness is here with mightyHOME!
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Our forte is our research and our team of passionate engineers and hobbyists enjoy working with new technology to invent ways in order to expand the IoT aspect of our products.

We have been able to connect and make our products compatible with Amazon Echo’s virtual assistant Alexa. The breakthrough feature of the amalgamation of mightyHOME and Alexa is that – it does not require any external hardware to establish a communication channel with each other.

Now, we can trigger all our appliances by giving commands to Alexa and it quickly communicates with mightyHOME via the cloud and gives us the convenience of voice operated #SmartHome.

Alexa supports mightyHOME with its tagline – “Always listening – What can go wrong!” it is apt in declaring so because it stands – up to its reputation and obeys all the orders and commands as well as provides us with an acknowledgement with its sweet voice.

In order to experience Alexa with mightyHOME, call our tech experts for a live demo of the amazing feature!

As mightyHOME adds a feather to its cap by developing voice connected smart home, we have already begun our research to develop gesture recognition Smart home solutions. We take pride in inventing, innovating, and researching technology and that is how “We do amazing things, every day!”

mightyHOME – Injecting Smartness in your life!